Quick Trips are the best!

I like to have at least one trip in the hopper at all times – something a bit more complex or lengthy. It keeps me focused. Right now, that trip is a lengthy summer sojourn in Nova Scotia … stay tuned for that later this year!

In between the longer, more complex trips, I will often disappear at the drop of a hat. A cool, stylish hat of course. The kind you would wear on their streets of New York City, dodging the paparazzi.

Well, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch. But the ‘hiding under a hat’ metaphor speaks to my need to take a huge step backwards out of my daily routine and clear my head. That’s the raging introvert in me, for the behavioural scientists in the crowd.

Here’s my highlight reel.

ONE spectacular lunch at Eataly.


I love travelling alone because I eat what I want – in this case, oysters and sardines, where I want, when I want. I also love the spontaneous conversations that erupt when you sit ‘at the bar’. On this wonderful day, I lucked out by sitting beside a lovely, charming, Irish man from San Francisco named Edmund. We talked about Broadway plays, the high-tech world, American politics and Pinot Noir.

My quick lunch quickly turned into a marvelous boozy adventure! (Not THAT kind of adventure, ladies!) This isn’t a unique event – as you become more comfortable with being alone, you become more comfortable with chatting with perfect strangers. What a gift.

TWO amazing Broadway plays.

Seriously great art. I can’t get enough of Broadway.

Extra bonus of travelling alone – easy to grab great solo seats to almost anything. Love it!

Leaving the theatre after The Crucible, I walked the 25 blocks to my hotel (just north of Union Square) in the glory of a drizzly Manhattan night. I wasn’t ready to go to bed, so I popped into the neighborhood watering hole – Shorty’s @ Madison & 27th – for a quick drink.


Such a gem. Again, travelling alone … sit at the bar. A bartender is a solo traveller’s best friend. 

THREE local beers and a basket of french fries topped with cheese whiz.

Cheers to that!

My weekend finished with a fabulous Saturday in my favourite NYC Neighbourhood –  NOMAD – where I just hung out in the local park, enjoyed the sunshine, coveted the French Bulldogs and pretended that I was one of the many lucky people who live there.


Where will you go, sooner than later?

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