A Perfect New York City Escape

Sometimes, I feel the need to hop on a plane and go ‘poof’ from my regular life. Luckily, I have the perfect place to go, at any time, during any season, for any reason. 

New York City. 

I often scan Air Canada’s offerings, just in case a gem of a last minute deal proves to be irrestible. And sometimes, if the timing is right, I grab onto those gems. It was one of those moments that landed me in the Big Apple a few weeks ago … for a perfect early winter weekend. Another benefit of solo travel – if an opportunity presents itself, you can grab it. 

Once in the air, it is hardly an hour until the iconic Manhattan skyline captures your attention. An hour between here and there … I need to go more often. 

I landed at lunch time, hopped in a yellow cab, and happily headed into the city.

My hotel of choice on this trip was The Lexington, at the corner of Lexington and 48th. As a frequent solo traveller, I always have a plan when choosing a hotel. In NYC, that means being within walking distance of the New York Public Library at Bryant Park, Broadway’s theatres, Grand Central Station, and Union Square. I also love historic hotels, so The Lex was a wonderful choice for this trip. I was able to get a fabulous last-minute deal through booking.com … I saved almost $150CA by making a switch. 

So, what does one do for 48 hours of solo time in NYC? 

First, I went for oysters at the ever delightful Grand Central Oyster Bar. Nestled in the basement of Grand Central Station, guests make themselves comfortable at lunch counters, settle in, and watch a steady stream of locals pop in for chowder or platefuls of fresh oysters. I had both. With a delightful glass of Cali Pinot Noir.

I went to Bryant Park and enjoyed the holiday market. They were skating … I was wearing sandals. 


I grabbed a last minute ticket to see a delightful musical. 

I woke up on Sunday morning and meandered over to the historic Chelsea Market, where I poked and pondered in the shops.  

Until lunch-o’clock. When I opted for another delightful treat…

A gorgeous Omakase for one. Perfection. 

I also sauntered on the Highline, shopped at Macy’s, wandered through Union Square, had an impromptu facial and a makeover at Blue Mercury, attended a taping of The View, and … cos I could … opted for popcorn and a movie (Brooklyn!) instead of dinner in a restaurant. 

So, what does one do with 48 hours of solo time in New York City? 

Whatever they want to. 

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