A brief step out of Italy 

Most wouldn’t know that there is wee republic – completely independent -buried in the Italian hills. 

I decided to spend a few delightful nights in San Marino. I didn’t really know what to expect, aside from a lofty drive to the top of the mountain. 

What I found, I liked.  

A beautiful miniature city, full of pedestrian laneways and lovely shops. 

Gorgeous homes and public buildings, suitable for a country with a thriving economy. 

A lovely atmosphere for artisans.


A tonne of tourists, which made for exceptional people watching. I am fascinated by tour groups. 

The best bit is that they are only there during the day, on bus trips. So, once 4 pm rolls around, the city gets very quiet, which is a perfect time for those of us who remain to poke around this gorgeous place. Delightfully lit streets and alley ways. Comfortable bars and really lovely restaurants. 

And the views … of the Adriatic and of the surrounding Italian countryside. I’ll let you go see those for yourself. 

Carry on! 



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